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Material Blueprinting
World Building
Procedural Design
Lighting and rendering
Interactive Experiences
Unreal Engine

Leveraging the worlds most powerful and advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

Harness the power of Unreal Engine for post-production, and bring your creative visions to life with unmatched fidelity and efficiency. Whether crafting a short film, a cinematic for a game, or a visualization for architecture, Unreal Engine stands as an indispensable tool in my arsenal.
Previsualization (Previz): My proficiency in real-time rendering enables me to previsualize multifaceted scenes, streamlining initial stages and promoting efficient decision-making. Not only does previsualization allow for a streamlined post-production pipeline, but also lends itself to other industries such as pitching patent ideas or any other type of vertical slice pitching where a realtime visualization of the experience is beneficial.
Animation: Unreal provides a robust suite for both keyframe animation and motion capture integrations, allowing me to craft intricate character movements and environmental dynamics with precision. Mastering both keyframe techniques and motion capture integrations within Unreal, I breathe life into characters and environments with unparalleled finesse.
Simulation: Simulate realistic dynamics, from cloth to fluid interactions. With a comprehensive physics engine, you can ensure objects move and react as they would in the real world. From the graceful flow of fabric to the unpredictable dance of liquids, I harness Unreal's physics engine to simulate authentic interactions, ensuring your visuals resonate with realism.
Asset Design: Using tools like the Mesh Editor and integrated software partnerships, artists can sculpt, modify, and optimize assets all within the engine. I've perfected the art of crafting assets, starting from the foundational stages of modeling or sculpting, progressing through meticulous UV mapping, then adding detailed texturing in Substance Painter. The final masterpiece is then seamlessly integrated into Unreal Engine.
Materials: The engine's Material Editor provides a node-based system to create intricate and realistic materials, allowing objects to possess lifelike textures and reflectivity. Utilizing Unreal's Material Editor, I fashion materials that not only look real but feel authentic, from their textures down to the subtlest sheens.
World Building: With the Landscape and Foliage systems, designing expansive terrains and lush environments becomes a breeze. My hands-on experience with the Landscape, Foliage and Weather systems in Unreal means I can transform digital spaces into immersive worlds, filled with lush environments and expansive terrains.
Procedural Design: Create expansive worlds and intricate patterns with algorithms using the engine's built-in tools and Blueprints system, allowing for endless possibilities.
Technical: My dexterity with Blueprint Visual Scripting and the Python API empowers me to construct bespoke tools, rigs, and workflows that cater precisely to project requisites.
Lighting and Rendering: Unreal Engine's real-time ray tracing and global illumination ensure that scenes are lit realistically and beautifully, bringing unparalleled richness and depth to visuals. With a deep understanding of Unreal Engine's real-time ray tracing and global illumination, I guarantee that every scene is not only illuminated but illuminated right, with the depth and richness it deserves.
Interactive Experiences: Beyond linear media, Unreal can be used to create interactive installations, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and augmented reality (AR) applications.
keyframe animation
motion capture
Facial Animation
keyframe animation
Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D
Unreal Engine

Breathing life into creations, conveying emotion through movement.

Animation is a dynamic artform that brings still images to life, telling stories through motion and sequence. It merges visual art, music, voice, and narrative, creating immersive worlds and characters that evoke emotion and imagination. From hand-drawn frames to cutting-edge digital simulations, animation transcends boundaries, offering limitless possibilities for creative expression. It's a dance of visuals and sound, a timeless craft that has evolved with technology yet remains anchored in the age-old tradition of storytelling. Whether capturing the nuances of human emotion or constructing fantastical realities, animation remains a testament to the boundless potential of human creativity.
Keyframe Animation: My expertise in keyframe animation is rooted in a deep understanding of motion and timing. Every movement I craft, whether it's the subtle sway of foliage or the dynamic actions of a protagonist, is meticulously keyframed to convey the desired emotion and story. This hands-on approach ensures that each animation is fluid, authentic, and tailored to the unique requirements of the project.
Motion Capture: Harnessing the power of motion capture technology, I've seamlessly integrated real-world performances into the digital domain. My proficiency lies not just in capturing these performances but also refining, retargeting and adapting them to fit any 3D character or environment. The result is a marriage of technology and artistry, delivering animations that resonate with realism and character depth.
Facial Animation: The face is the window to a character's soul, and I take immense pride in my capability to animate facial expressions with precision. Drawing from both technical know-how and an intuitive understanding of emotion, I've brought countless characters to life. Whether it's the subtle twitch of an eyebrow or a full range of dialogue-driven emotions, my facial animations consistently capture the essence of the character and the narrative's emotional beats.
2D Keyframe Animation: My foundation in 2D keyframe animation is robust and deep-seated. With a keen eye for detail and a hand attuned to precision, I meticulously design each keyframe to serve as a pivotal moment in a sequence. Through this rigorous process, I ensure fluid transitions, capturing the essence of motion and emotion with each frame. Drawing from both traditional techniques and modern digital tools, I've perfected the art of breathing life into two-dimensional spaces, transforming static images into dynamic narratives that captivate and inspire.
uv Mapping
Texture and shader dev
Hair grooms
rigging and skinning
look development
graphic design
logos and branding
Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D

The design and development of tangible elements like characters, props, environments, and more.

In the multidimensional domain of 3D asset creation, my portfolio of skills spans a broad and diverse spectrum:
Conceptualization: My ability to envision and organize concepts has always been the foundation of my work. Drawing from inspiration and research, I craft designs that not only fit a project's needs but also bring fresh, innovative perspectives to the table.
Modeling: Beyond mere structure, my modeling approach reflects a deep appreciation for form and silhouette. My hands-on experience with advanced software tools ensures that I shape assets with precision and efficiency. From basic forms to intricate details, I mold every polygon and vertex to mirror the original concept, while also maintaining a keen eye for topology and flow.
Sculpting: My sculpting transcends simple shape manipulation. Drawing parallels to traditional clay sculpting, I infuse emotions, intricate details, and subtle imperfections into digital clay, making each creation a reflection of life's nuances.
UV Mapping: Through UV mapping, I ensure that every texture fits seamlessly onto the model, optimizing space and ensuring a clean, high-resolution, and distortion-free application of details.
Texture and Shader Development: My expertise extends to crafting detailed, lifelike textures that enhance the realism and aesthetic appeal of assets. Paired with a deep understanding of shaders, I can simulate a plethora of materials, from the sheen of metals to the softness of fabrics.
Hair Grooms: My sculpting transcends simple shape manipulation. Drawing parallels to traditional clay sculpting, I infuse emotions, intricate details, and subtle imperfections into digital clay, making each creation a reflection of life's nuances.
Rigging and Skinning: Recognizing the importance of movement and animation, I've honed my skills in rigging to create flexible, efficient, and animator-friendly rigs. This ensures that assets are not just static but have the potential for dynamic and realistic motion. My approach to skinning is meticulous, ensuring that character meshes deform naturally. By binding geometry to rigs, I ensure that each movement aligns with real-world physics and anatomy.
Look Development: My keen eye for aesthetics shines in look development, as I experiment with lighting and materials to present assets in their best light, ensuring they resonate with the intended mood and environment.
Optimization: Understanding the balance between detail and performance, I optimize assets for a variety of platforms, ensuring they maintain visual fidelity while running efficiently.
Rigid/Soft body
Cinema 4D
Unreal Engine

Using procedural physics systems within powerful software like Houdini to generate mind-blowing simulations.

In a 3D pipeline, simulations play a pivotal role in bringing dynamic elements to life, adding realism and complexity to scenes. Leveraging algorithms and physics-based calculations, simulations recreate natural phenomena — be it the flow of water, the movement of fabric, or the shattering of glass. By bridging the gap between static modeling and final rendering, simulations ensure motion and interactions in a scene are believable and impactful. Whether for visual effects in film or interactive experiences in games, simulations provide the dynamic responsiveness that enriches the viewer's or player's experience.
Rigid/Soft Body: Experience nuanced simulations that pay close attention to the distinct properties of materials. Objects are rendered with care to showcase both weight and flexibility, creating believable interactions within any environment.
Cloth: Every fabric behaves differently, and recognizing this is essential. From silk's delicate rustle to denim's rugged movement, simulations capture the unique behavior of diverse materials.
Growth: Representing nature's growth patterns digitally requires both observation and technical precision. The results are organic portrayals that seamlessly fit into your envisioned scenes.
Destruction: Digital destruction involves more than mere spectacle. It's about understanding structures, dynamics, and forces to lend genuine authenticity to each breaking point.
Liquid: Fluids present a unique challenge with their unpredictability. Through careful study and technique, liquids are simulated to move and interact in ways that are both organic and captivating.
Fire: Flames are more than just a visual element; they encompass energy, motion, and chemistry. My approach aims to capture these complexities, enhancing the overall atmosphere of a scene.
Magic: Magic simulations are an exercise in balancing realism with creativity. While the foundation might be familiar, the resulting effects introduce an enchanting twist to standard scenes.
Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D

Animating Ideas, Design in Motion.

Motion graphics blend animation and graphic design to convey information, tell stories, or enhance branding in a dynamic visual format. Often accompanied by audio, they transform static graphic elements into engaging animations. Used extensively in advertising, title sequences, explainer videos, and digital interfaces, motion graphics elevate content by making it more compelling and easily digestible for viewers.
Typography: With a keen eye for design and an intricate understanding of fonts and their behaviors, I animate type to convey messages with emphasis and style. From kinetic typography sequences that dance with rhythm to subtle text animations that enhance on-screen narratives, my expertise ensures that every word not only communicates but also captivates.
GFX: Leveraging the principles of design and dynamic animation, I breathe life into static graphics. Whether it's creating immersive infographics, dynamic logos, or innovative visual aids, my skill set bridges the gap between design aesthetics and motion, resulting in graphics that are both visually stunning and effectively engaging.
motion tracking
3d integration
visual effects
Object removal/addition
set extentions
skin treatment
optical effects
Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D
Unreal Engine

Where imagination meets the lens, crafting seamless visuals that captivate and inspire.

VFX (Visual Effects) and compositing involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments and scenes that would be costly, challenging, or impossible to capture on film. VFX encompasses a wide range of techniques, from digital simulations to matte paintings, while compositing is the art of seamlessly layering all these elements together. Together, they craft a cohesive visual narrative, enhancing storytelling in films, commercials, and other media. Whether it's bringing fantastical creatures to life or crafting epic battlegrounds, VFX and compositing make the imagined visually tangible.
Feature Films
Music Videos
short form
Adobe Suite

Connecting stories through detail.

Attention to detail transforms ordinary footage into a captivating and emotionally charged experience for your audience. I believe that a well-crafted edit is the key to standing out in a sea of content, and that's precisely what I strive to deliver for each project I take on.
Every video is a unique story waiting to be told, and I take pride in approaching each one with fresh eyes and a creative mindset. By meticulously examining every detail, I ensure that the narrative flows seamlessly, capturing the essence of the moment and conveying its emotion.
Video, to me, is more than just a visual medium; it's a powerful tool for human connection. As I sit in the edit booth, I immerse myself deeply in the footage, seeking to harness its full potential. My goal is to break through the noise of the overwhelming video content we encounter daily, presenting viewers with an experience that touches their hearts and souls.
I understand the importance of delivering high-quality work that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you're a filmmaker, a business owner, or an individual with a story to share, I'm here to bring your vision to life. Let's collaborate and create video content that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.
Logic Pro X

The unseen architect of emotion, sculpting auditory landscapes that immerse and evoke, turning silence into story.

Sound design is the art and practice of creating or manipulating auditory elements to enhance and elevate a narrative, experience, or environment. Going beyond just music, it encompasses a vast array of sounds, from ambient noises and foley effects to synthesized tones and voice manipulations. A vital component in films, games, theatre, and other multimedia projects, sound design shapes the emotional and atmospheric tone, providing depth and dimension to visual elements, and immersing audiences in a complete sensory experience. Through meticulous recording, producing, and mixing, sound designers craft sonic landscapes that drive stories and engage listeners.
Recording: I utilize top-tier equipment and techniques to ensure clarity and authenticity. Whether it's the ambient echoes of a distant location or the up-close nuances of a specific instrument, my recordings are a testament to the art of pristine audio capture.
Producing: Beyond just recording, my production skills lie in sculpting and layering sounds to fit the intended narrative or scene. Drawing upon a vast library of effects and a deep understanding of sonic texture, I craft auditory experiences that resonate with audiences and enhance the intended mood or message.
Mixing/Mastering: The final touches in sound design come from a deft hand in mixing and mastering. Balancing individual sound elements, refining frequencies, and ensuring optimal loudness levels, I deliver a polished, cohesive, and dynamic sound output that stands out in any medium or platform.
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